Proyecto: “TELL ME A STORY”

Storytelling and children imagination have been the main subjects of the project titled “Tell me a story”. Each child has indeed create their own story, every story with a different plot. Teachers have divided the project in FIVE different periods, each dedicated to five different kind of stories:
1) Animal stories (January)
2) humorous stories (February)
3) Friendship stories (March)
4) Family life stories (April)
5) Stories of heroes (May)
Each participating school has made videos of children’s stories though which each child could tell their own created stories..
A script containing two different versions of the stories has also been written: one in children’s language and the other translated in English.
At the end of the job, all the stories created by the partner schools have been collected in an e-book.

Podeis ver los videos de los alumnos que han grabado vuestros hijos e incluso los de otros colegios enel siguiente enlace: